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About Us

Hello and Welcome!

We are medical imaging professionals with years of experience in city practice, large public hospitals and smaller private hospitals but particularly, and this is our passion, provision of services to rural and remote communities.

Frustration with a lack of quality standoff gel pads when trying to better interrogate superficial tissues drove our search for a better, more reliable solution.

Hence development of our polymer mineral oil gel pad which we now proudly present to you.

A gel pad that;

  • Maintains conformal contact across the face of the probe with tissues being scanned
  • Facilitates lossless acoustic transmission
  • Has multiple applications across all tissue types and disciplines
  • Is flexible, hypoallergenic and 
  • Readily available

Our Gel Pads

  • Provide flexible standoff acoustic interface
  • Facilitate imaging of superficial structure
  • Maintain conformal contact across the face of the probe
  • Provide lossless acoustic transmission
  • Have application across all settings and tissue types
  • Additionally, they are
    • Flexible
    • Latex Free
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Readily available

The Team from Moby Holding Pty Ltd

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